Nephilid spiders: Database of world collections

Collection description: The current version of the database created in BIOTA ( contains precise specimen, museum and georeferenced locality information for three out of four nephilid spider genera (see the genus Clitaetra with six species inhabiting Africa and Indian Ocean islands to Sri Lanka, the genus Herennia with eleven species in Australasia from India to Solomon Islands, and the genus Nephilenygs with four species in the tropics worldwide. For methods of study, museum information, taxonomic species diagnostics with illustrated descriptions, and sources of funding for this research, see the three published nephilid spider monographs (Kuntner, 2005, 2006, 2007). The database, currently at over a thousand specimens, will be updated to include specimen information on the largest nephilid genus, Nephila, with another several thousand entries, upon publication of a taxonomic monograph currently in preparation (for preliminary information on Nephila, see Kuntner et al., 2008; Kuntner & Coddington, 2009). Any queries? Contact the database author.

Period of creating: since 2000
Register of the Flora of Slovenia

Collection description: The collection includes a list of ca. 3500 ferns and seed plants, which is linked to the FloVegSi database and the Herbarium of the Institute of Biology SRC SASA (LJS). Search allows searches by various criteria. Database access is free online.

Period of creating: since 1995
Herbarium of the Institute of Biology ZRC SAZU (LJS)

Collection description: he collection includes a data (ca. 12,000) of the herbarium sheets (plants) stored in the Herbarium of the Institute of Biology SRC SASA (LJS). The herbarium data are completely digitized, some of herbarium sheets are photographed while (for the moment) web browsing (metadata in Slovene) is available for about half of the specimens.

Period of creating: since 1995
Database FloVegSi (= Fauna, Flora and Vegetation of Slovenia) BIJH ZRC SAZU

Collection description: The collection contains information on the flora, plant communities, fauna (butterflies, beetles etc.), their locations, native range, environmental parameters, number of specimens, sex, etc. It includes also relevant metadata, such as geographic information (country, region, cities, rivers, peaks), ecological data (habitat types sintaksoni, soil types, anthropogenic impacts, the use of) data types (descriptions, images, synonyms). Data output is made in the form of maps at UTM or Central-European quadrants or precise locations, spreadsheets (phytocoenological analytic or synthetic table) and in text form. Export data to use in GIS applications, Word processing, spreadsheets, statistical tools.

Period of creating: since 1987

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