»Mother’s Curse: coevolution and the conflict between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes«

Osnovni Podatki

11. maj 2022 ob 14:00
Raziskovalna postaja Barje, Zagorica 20, 1292 Ig

VABILO Biološki inštitut Jovana Hadžija Vas vabi, da se udeležite seminarja

»Mother’s Curse: coevolution and the conflict between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes«,

ki ga bo predstavil dr. Mirko ĐORĐEVIĆ

Mirko Đorđević
z Inštituta za biološke raziskave »Siniša Stanković«, Univerze v Beogradu


Povzetek (Abstract):
Although mitochondria are the main site of energy production in the eukaryotic cell, the role of the haploid mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) in the evolution of life-histories has by tradition been considered neutral and nonfunctional. In order to investigate the relative contribution of nuclear and mitochondrial genes, as well as their epistatic (mito-nuclear) interactions in the life-history evolution and mitochondrial bioenergetics (i.e. electron transport chain, ETC), we used laboratory populations of the seed beetle (Acanthoscelides obtectus) that had been selected for short (E) and long (L) life for more than 35 years. Our experimental study showed that mito-nuclear epistasis has played an important role in the laboratory evolution of ETC complex activity, ageing and other life-history traits. Additionally, the mitonuclear architecture of evolved differences in life-histories and mitochondrial bioenergetics were sex-specific, which is the result of the intergenomic conflict known as Mother’s Curse.

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