Floristical, ecological and structural changes of shrub vegetation in the transitional zone between Mediterranean and Eurosibirian regions

bilateral project

In the framework of the project the turnover of species in schrub vegetation in the transitional area between Mediterranean and Euro-Siberian regions is studied. In the area under the Mediterranean influence with evergreen vegetation classified within the Pistacio lentisci-Rhamnetalia alaterni and the Quercetea ilicis. Traditionally it is termed macchia. Among diagnostic species we can find Buxus semprevirens, Viburnum tinus, Phillyrea media, Pistacia lentiscus, Rhamnus alaternus, Arbutus unedo, Rosa sempervirens etc. In the direction to the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, evergreen species gradually disappear and they are substituted by deciduous species; shrub communities in this area are termed pseudomacchia. In the central part of the Balkans under influence of the continental climate, the schrub vegetation is built of deciduous species, classified with the Fraxino orni-Cotinetalia and the Quercetea pubescentis. Traditionally it is termed šibljak. The most common shrub species are: Acer monspessulanum, Carpinus orientalis, Fraxinus ornus, Pistacia terebinthus, Pirus amygdaliformis, Quercus pubescens etc.