Ecological study on the threatened European Lepidoptera species in Slovenia and Hungary with special regard to species listed by NATURA 2000

Basic Info


The major aim of the project was gather all necessary information to preserve selected threatened butterfly species (Parnassius mnemosyne, Leptidea morsei, Zerynthia polyxena, Colias chrysotheme, Maculinea spp., Coenonympha oeddipus, Lopinga achine, Erannis ankeraria, Polymixis rufocincta) having emerald importance in nature conservation, not only in a given country but also at an European level. The main tasks were: (i) surveying and mapping the actual distribution of the species (with special regard of the cross border areas); (ii) arrangement of computer data in a proper software; (iii) estimation of the size of the still existing populations; (iv) population ecological study of selected species (with special regard to land-use changes); (v) population genetic study of selected species; (vi) producing biodiversity monitoring protocols for the selected species.